MIC signs

Is there any where else to purchase the MIC signs. It just seems to me that the shipping rates at Inspector Outlet are insane.

You can download the logo/artwork and go to a local printer. http://www.nachi.org/moveincertified.htm

You can order them here http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/move-in-certified-yard-sign.aspx

I have a bunch in the original box, how much you looking to pay?

Marketing MIC didn’t work for you?

I ordered the signs before I knew exactly what the program was. I find it much easier to market pre-listing inspections, leave my binder with the inspection and leave the sign that advertises my business in the yard. Seriously, make me an offer, they are taking up space.

I have some as well, if you would like more.

yes, they are!:twisted:

I have an order on the way from Inspector Outlet. I combined a few things to make a larger order so that helped with shipping. Getting something from CO, USA to Ontario, Canada for less than the price of a tank of gas and little of my time, was worth it for me.

Shipping only signs to Canada is expensive. If you are going to print your own, you might as well redesign them to include your phone number.

I made my own with my business logo and information with the move in certified logo, they came out very nice and I have received a lot of feedback