MIC Statistics?

I am wondering, are there any statistics on existing (or even new) home sales in reference to whether they were pre-inspected or not?
In other words what I am asking is: Can it be shown on paper that having the home pre-inspected is in the sellers best interest in regards to selling their house?

I have been asking and it is regional. We need to push it to get it to work. I have 1 realtor that pays me to inspect his listings. Need more like him.

If you can get some realtors to give you the MIC inspection you can start your own statistics as well.

Find out locally how long homes are on the market and how long they are on the market after you have done a MIC inspection.

the last 2 that I have done sold within 2 weeks of the inspection.

Has anyone done a free MIC Inspection for some high producing realtors to show off the program ?

I have thought along those lines, though I don’t wish to do anything for free
Realtor presentation on MIC and offer first (X) realtors some discounted package

I have also thought maybe not to target top realtor, rather allow the lower sales realtor an opportunity to be a top producer by working with me

I quit doing the first of anthing for free. I tried it years ago and never got a call back they just wanted the free. I changed to " after 5 I will give you 1 free". But today I dont do much for free.

Thats the type of info/input I am looking for.