Moved in certified is great.

I put presentation together for the move in certified product. I just had to buy 6 move in certified signs, and plan on getting several more. I landed an agent that does 100 listings per year. It’s a great add on for your business. I also find that the consumer finds it to be a valuable product.

Meaning you’ve actually physically done them or Realtors/people just acting like they’re interested? I’ve had many people think they were the greatest thing since sliced bread, but as far as actually booking MIC inspections, well…

He ran out of Move In Certified signs again.

Actually, I have done 6 since October so not bad…and I live in the boonies!

Note that Nathan is in Colorado. MIC seems to work in the Greater Denver area.

Just made that same observation before reading our post. All of the move in certified lovers appear to be from Boulder or Denver.:-k

Correct. My goal here is to make it the norm for every listing to be MIC. We like catching the inspections upstream before non-members even get a chance at them.

I think it’s a great idea and the feed feedback seems positive but there isn’t any good marketing literature available. Some tips on how to schedule or set up a presentation would be helpful. Can anyone share on that subject?

Will soon have my first MIC inspection. I already have the client. Meeting today with the agent to let her know she needs to get on board.
My question, though I have a good inspection agreement, and can also use the system here, are there any agreements specifically for MIC inspections, or any disclaimers in the case of a buyer inspection?

Our inspection agreement system is not dependent on the client being a buyer or seller (works for both):

Move in certified is great! We get our name out, we get to demonstrate our expertise and we get to save lives!

We get to call a spade a spade!

We are trained for security in all possible ways and if you ask me, I think that the sellers should be allowed to live safely in their own home.

This is an interesting discussion. Does anyone have any properties that they can share with me where they have done the inspections on? I’m looking for examples, and the end results if it is possible? Did the buyer also do their own inspection?

I called several brokers to get their thoughts on the subject, only one thought it was a great idea. The other’s thought it was a waste of time, but still thought it might be useful for the end spectrum properties, the examples they gave were ultra high end (mansions) and properties with apparently big problems (other end). It was an interesting discussion.

In the end, it seems like the logic of waiting until you have a contract, to then experience a lot of stress and hassle from the Real Estate Agents perspective, along with scrambling to get contractor quotes and all the rest doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to me.

If you look at other industries, many “Buyers” won’t buy a used car or even boat without it being “certified Pre-owned”. This even extends to consumer electronics. But if you look at the Auto trader magazines, where you have person to person buying and selling you will never see an individual who will advertise their used car as “Certified pre-owned” and this is simply because as an individual they CANT. This is the biggest difference between other industries and Real estate is that the Real estate offices while they are selling houses, they are not buying them and putting them up for sale like car dealerships, consumer electronics etc. If they were, then the “buyer beware” fear would drive them just like every other industry to resolve the buying fear and go with inspections.

Now having said that, I still believe that it takes one creative broker hell bent on a mission to find a way to get more listings and to sell more listings than everyone else by distinguishing their properties from all others.

Here’s a story I just heard yesterday. A broker who does 100 sales a month (with a huge team) advised to another agent to buy or rent a uhaul truck and he uses his own truck (1) to put a huge ad for himself as it drives around, but his key was that he puts on it “if you buy a house from me, you can use my moving truck for free”.

I guess my point is, you may need to find the right person to sell it to. Like the broker i mentioned. I will be approaching him shortly, and using his own story to see his opinion. We’ll see what happens.

I just put my first one together on Monday. I had discussed a home grown version of this some time ago with little response. I took this program to her recently with the offer that I would do the first one at a drastically discounted price.
By chance, my daughter has listed her house and I am using her house as the first/test/work the bugs out inspection. The agent included in the listing that the house is pre inspected and MIC. Inspection is posted.
Personally…it’s a win win win situation. Biggest obstacle is getting the seller to agree to pay for it. I have seen articles in the past that tell people not to accept a sellers inspection. And I would guess there are some not so up and up inspectors that would inspect the house as being perfect. I know I certainly did not leave any stones unturned on my daughters house.
If you want more info, give me a shout.

Well, Congratulations! Good for you. And yes you have to be thorough. I’ve done them in the past. Believe it or not, there are people out there that do care about the condition of their home when they are selling it. In fact i just taught a class and when i got to this section, i had nothing but positive agreement on the subject. Keep going…