MICB acquires Code Certified Master Inspector - CCMI® Registered Trademark


What do I have to do to get this?

I don’t know. They only assigned the mark to us today.


Hey Floyd Mayweather, that’s 54-0. :slight_smile:

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It doesn’t say but you may have to have CMI status first or get both CCMI/CMI at the same time. I would contact them. They are very helpful.


We just acquired this mark and I honestly haven’t given any thought about what to do with it.

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We didn’t even want the trademark. We merely wanted those who had it, to not have it. That’s why we procured it.

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Take it and run with it Nick. Don’t abandon it.

So what requirements do you propose?

I’m thinking it’s going to have to be tied to ICC.


Congrats on acquiring the CCMI trademark. Maybe MICB should require a CMI cert, ICC R5 Cert. X number of ICC inspections, 200 question exam based on ICC R5 courses.

BTW, what is MICB going to do about all the GAHI members who who are currently using the GAHI CCMI trademark and their certification?

Apparently on deaf ears as usual…

We gave them all until December 31, 2023 of this year to phase out use of our registered trademark. They’ve already begun deleting it from their sites and marketing materials.

Tying it to the ICC would be a good call and you could do it very easy. @gromicko

Also Nick, thank you for not turning your back on me. You have to be wondering … what is Michael up to now? You know what I’m working on right now and I am going to use it hand in hand with my Inspection business. InterNACHI is my home and I come to the message board daily. I am not leaving this profession, just years ago you said: “Michael, don’t put all of your eggs in 1 basket”.

I am already making a HUGE impact and earning multiple certifications much like I have here at InterNACHI and my goal is to have repetitive clients and better relationships with both my clients and affiliates (Brokers, Mortgage Companies, Banks, Car Dealerships, etc which will go hand in hand with both Residential, Environmental, and Commercial Property Inspections).

Today, I’m even coming home here to visit on the InterNACHI message board to take a break from my Board Certified Business Credit Specialist training. I’m gonna be honest … it’s some of the hardest training that I’ve ever taken. The Credit Repair industry is Highly Regulated with a bunch of different laws. I’m compliant with all Federal, State and Local laws. A lot of companies have screwed good hard working folks over the past 20 years. I’m 1 of the good guys and much like the Home Inspection Profession, I entered to help people, not to screw them.

Well my friend, I love you (you know I’m not gay - I just care deeply for people) and I’ll talk soon. Gotta get back to studying. I’ve read 112 pages over the past 4 hours and 15 minutes and I’ve still got another 64 pages to go, so another 3 and a 1/2 hours.

InterNACHI Rocks and hands down is Simply the Best Home Inspector Association.

Proud member for 14 years this May.

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This would be impossible to accomplish unless you are an employee of the local building authority. Am I missing something?

Yuck, so you have to pass it twice?

However, I think I know where you are heading Tom. If you are going to be a “Code” certified master inspector…I would 100% agree you should be IRC or IBC certified, plus the regular CMI requirements.

And, it should NOT cost more! (or maybe just a nominal administrative type fee)

Btw, has anyone considered the negative side of this? Does this imply we are performing the “C” word inspections?


I think you would have to separate the two and not co-mingle. Either a HI or a CI, but not both within a single inspection.

My thoughts on the # of code inspections is something that would be needed to elevate someone to the level of a Master Inspector. The test was just something that would keep the CCMI designation from being something that is just being bought and given out. In others words, it really is something that would have to be earned.

It was just some ideas of the top of my head for something that I’ll will probably never seek. Heck, I’ll probably retire before I have enough credentials to apply for a CMI. :wink:

Or may ever need. There are many many inspectors who qualify but do not feel the need for the credential. I suspect you are a pretty big fish in a small pond in your area.

I had brought up a similar question on another thread. Basically, in my opinion, promoting “code certification” credentials could be used against you even when not performing a “code inspection.”

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Not sure how I would use my IRC and IBC certs once completed. I doubt I will put it “in your face” per se. But rather have it contained within a list of my other credentials.

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I have said that for years. ICC is recognized almost everywhere.

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