Master Inspector Certification Board files Petition to Cancel GAHI's deceptively-similar mark

Lawyer up, boys…

Download and read MICB’s Petition to Cancel: Master Inspector Certification Board vs GAHI


You consider, Code Certified Master Inspectors - CCMI’s an affront?

It’s an infringement, yes. You can’t just throw a word in front of our Registered Trademark that has been in use since 1998, anymore than you can open up a fast food chain called Code Kentucky Fried Chicken.

A Trademark protects itself and the space around it.

They intentionally did that to be deceptively similar.


Sic’em Nick! Boy, you gotta watch your backside like a hawk these days. Don’t let them chip away at NACHI intellectual property.

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I concur.
Not legally proficient when it comes to trade marks, but I do understand your point.
Thank you for clarifying your position.

This is how it appears in GA

Those boys best start working evenings and weekends. They are going to need about a million and half dollars in legal fees just to lose. Some f’n nerve to come pick a fight with me. I’m minding my own business over here, never even mentioning them. A fight is what you want? OK, a fight is what you’re gonna get. Lawyer up.


What a great show of “leadership” for you to not try to work it out before taking this action.

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Boils down to Certification Marks vs. Trademarks. Good article on the difference between the two.

Theirs is just a service mark. Ours is a certification mark that has been in continuous use since 1998.

So I guess using a trademark that requires a certification mark is not valid?

Not if it infringes on our certification mark.

Got it filed today:

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So basically, you’re going to have to argue the word “certification” and not “code” and I still don’t see that in Trademark infringement. Just don’t see it as a “slam dunk”.

I read it. Personally I would not beat my chest at this stage.

It’s most definitely infringement. You can’t just stick a word in front of our mark and think that you aren’t infringing. The test is: Will it likely cause confusion in the market place when used in the same industry? I’d say that these two marks are confusingly similar:

Certified Master Inspector®
Code Certified Master Inspector

But if they disagree, they can hire law firms to fight us. They are going up against our multiple law firms that ALWAYS win or appeal until they do. Each of our attorneys are partners in their own law firms. One of them has a team of 250 attorneys underneath him. If their mark is worth millions of dollars to them, then they should have no problem spending millions to keep it. Perhaps they can take second mortgages out on their homes.

I’m sure they will. And 1.5 mil in legal fees is a BIG dream and makes the legal profession a laughing stock in cases like this. Go for it Nick!! I actually hope your side loses this one.

Me too. That way we get to appeal and do it all over again. I’m patient. These scumbags done picked the wrong org to start a fight with.

So who started the fight? Something you didn’t post? Really, if they started it, the whole scenario should be spelled out.

They started it. They took our mark which has been in continuous use since 1998 and recently filed a deceptively similar mark (our exact mark with the word “code” in front of it). That has zero chance of sticking. We’ll have no problem cancelling it.

But I’m getting a weird feeling of Deja Vu. ASHI lost 9 times in a row to me in court: I’m wondering if their president is an ASHI idiot. It sure smells like ASHI buffoonery to me.