MICB catches another fraudulent application.

Chloe Katz
12:12 PM (4 minutes ago)

to Nick
This is the e-mail I sent to the inspector who lied:


Please be aware that The Master Inspector Certification Board takes the necessary steps to confirm information sent to us is legitimate. After getting in touch with this training institute, I found that you falsified the date of this certificate. Your actual completion date what March 25th, 2017 as I’m sure you know. All the information…


Will he lose his CPI and NACHI membership for the ethics violation?

Why? There is no such requirement to be either to become a CMI!

No there isn’t, but what percentage of CMI applicants do you believe are not CPIs?

Instead of guessing at numbers, perhaps Nick would just post the stats that we all know he has. (By the way Nick… the real numbers, not your convoluted ones)!

Chuck is correct. Nearly all CMI applicants are InterNACHI members. Not all, but nearly all. Most of those who are not are high-ranking members and board members of other inspection associations.

Chuck …

I wasn’t a CPI when I applied for my CMI

Things have changed a lot over the years with CMI, haven’t they?

Get rid of the “XXXX” above and post their name and information so all can see the lying scumbag and who they are! :twisted:

Are you claiming to be typical/average?

I guess I’m your average run of the mill / not real good home inspector.

Cause listing agents often tell us we’re horrible compared to THEIR GUY