We sued another Certified Master Inspector® imposter today.

That will leave a mark

Very cool Nickk, set another example and bury the scumbag.


Or just give him a free membership.

That’s a possibility, but would be the wrong move in the long run.


Nick’s SOP, many times over.

Nice catch. How the heck do you locate there companies?

We never give anyone infringing a free membership, but they can always join. We have no mechanism in place to stop that as our COE only applies to actions taken while being a member.

Like I stated… (minus the FREE)…

You got to love Nick’s reasoning. It is totally fine that A CMI once misrepresented himself to the public. Integrity is not important for our profession :shock:

It’s not fine, it’s just not a COE violation if he wasn’t a member. Our COE only applies to members. Therefore a non-member can’t violate our COE.

Well then perhaps your faux background checks should include a cursory check for “public deception”… and make it retroactive to all members!

Don’t bother coming back with “We can’t hold current members to that” because that’s BS and you know it! If a current member has a history involving “public deception” then they have falsified their application as “Fraud” is a crime!

I can’t remember when the last person we sued went and joined InterNACHI. Maybe a decade ago? But it is possible since InterNACHI doesn’t consider CIVIL judgements, let alone merely civil lawsuits filed against non-members when we process their applications.

If mere civil actions kept inspectors from joining InterNACHI, I certainly couldn’t join.

Just another reason I refuse to lower my standards and sign-on as a CMI! You call that punishment? What a friggin’ joke!!

Master Inspector Certification Board settles lawsuit.

Our goal isn’t to “punish” anyone. Our goal is to protect the “Certified Master Inspector” mark… the inspection industry’s highest professional designation.

Jeffrey, I know you and consider you a friend but a comment like “I refuse to lower my standards and sign on as a CMI” does a disservice to all deserving inspectors.

What are your standards? Are they published somewhere so we can all aspire to be like you?

Because your a friend I’ll give you a pass but I suggest you rethink your position and try to understand that all professions should have a “Master” designation. Lawyers, doctors and other professions have a goal which distinguishes the better practitioners. Also, bad doctors and crummy inspectors will always find a way to get the accolades even if undeserved but should we punish everyone for a few bad apples?

I think you damage the profession with your comment.

Sorry Buddy.

JJ. Just advertise yourself as a Master Inspector. Nothing has been done to those (including InterNACHI members) that call themselves a Master Inspector, only a Certified Master Inspector.

Why not?

When I was a carpenter some people called me a master carpenter and I always thought of guys who were better than me. Then I thought I’m better than them at certain aspects of my profession. Its a tough call. In my case I excelled at certain things but was never a great framer, but I built nice staircases and did good trim. Probably my best skill was layout as I learned from the best. Did I deserve to be called master? Who knows, but I was surrounded by younger guys who weren’t as good as a pimple on a carpenters a s s but they called themselves master carpenters but that didn’t stop me from trying to be a master myself even though I didn’t really know when I would be one.

Not true. We’ve sued them as well. I disagree with Jeff. Defending against one of our suits is financially devastating enough IMO. And I just don’t see how “punishing” someone “increases our standards.” Just not connecting the dots on that one.