I love watching Chloe reject CMI® applications. ;)

Hello XXXX

Chloe here with CMI®. Upon reviewing your application for Certified Master Inspector®, I found some conflicting information on the State of Florida’s website. Perhaps you could clarify.

For proof of being in the inspection industry for 3+ years, you uploaded a copy of your company’s articles of organization. Can you explain to me why the date on the document you provided us with differs from the date on the same document I acquired from the state’s website? Upon further investigation, I found your original licensure date in the state of Florida is 07/28/2021 (less than a month ago).

Please be aware that The Master Inspector Certification Board takes the necessary steps to confirm information sent to us is legitimate. See all the attachments below for reference. I’m eager to receive your immediate response.

Chloe Katz
(720) 454-7774


Keep the cheaters out!


Nice! Unethical right out of the gate! Go big or go home they say, lol.


Didn’t take 'em long to show their true colors!


Once an imposter, always an imposter. Country’s full of them.
The same goes for Inspectors.


Let’s have names!

Even though they’re not honest, at least they’re applying and not just Plastering the CMI logo all over their website and marketing info without even being an actual member.


What’s the difference if the y post without permission or lye to get the permission - seems like a bad apple either way. And why the hell do they want to be a CMI - no real value there these days.


And why the hell do they want to be a CMI

Because Certified Master Inspector® is not only proven to make you a lot of money, but also guaranteed to. It’s insane how much CMI® makes CMIs®.


Chloe, keep e’m honest.

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I beg to differ. In our area we have found that realtors and clients don’t seem to care about designations. I am a CMI but it really is not a big deal to people.

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Yeah, that’s not how to judge it or use the tool to make money. I have a nail gun in my garage that I haven’t used all year. It hasn’t created anything. The wood doesn’t seem to care.


I concur.

Michael, it’s how you/I look and market it. Why do you think individuals try to sneak in the back door for the designation?
Works for me. Start posting blogs as a CMI on your social networking sites. Nick went all in 2 years ago with bill boards in New York. I ran with it and my bloody phone rang and rang.


I hope that if this guy was an InterNACHI member he has been banned.

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I’ve reported a guy for falsifying his CMI twice.

All he does is take it off his website for a few months, then he puts it back up.