Michalski writes

Visit this Michalski blog page and leave a love note. I did.

I also let the folks at Active Rain know of his false representation of himself as a member of NACHI and the PA requirement that he belong to a national association in order to be in business.

Michalski has the need to share his version of the “truth” with the public. I wonder how much he is enjoying this.

You didn’t…LOL…Putting my Money Where My Mouth (and Heart) Is
You did. :stuck_out_tongue: Good one Jim

He deletes them as fast as you post them, the wimp.

Where is his commitment to “the truth”, now?

I guess I should have known from his posts.
Sorry if I offend , but that two dollar walkthrough stuff is just smiling shark in my book.
I can,t do an inspection and pull back the reins.
I go all out for my clients.

Yeah, and I once rode a Harley Davidson motorcycle around the eye wall of a hurricane. Anyone stupid enough to pay for two dogs to become members of Nachi or any other association should not be inspecting anyone’s home. JM slings more bs than a Havana radio station. He is a legend in his own mind.

Good question.

You dont understand. This guy is in Atlanta, Ga and yes i would be in competition with him because he says he inspects in north Ga also. And he called me because my brother in law thought that i need marketing help… some help…id rather hit my thumb with a hammer…he was a jerk. I was not talking to JM. This guys name was John Woods. OOOPPS now im in trouble…not!

Thanks James…im not plumb dumb…but this guy thought i was…he has no idea.


I lways valued is posts but the thing that bothered me is now all of a sudden, general he would only recommend an inspector that has completed atleast 1000 inspection. Where the hell does he get off, I have been in the trades for 29 years doing everything from fixing doors to building houses, working residential and commercial. Does this mean if I haven’t completed 1000 inspections I shouldn’t be inspecting. What does my experience count for? It’s like the problem with credit. Sorry, sir we can’t give you any credit until you get credit. Hey Milchalski, GET OFF HIGH HORSE!!!

Maybe he should aspire to be able to do 100 inspections without a consumer complaint to the Ethics Committee, and then work from there.

Then, he can start working on doing 100 inspections in accordance with his state law, instead of in violation of it as he is presently apparently doing.

Oh, my bad.

I thought you were talking about J. M.

Don’t let the competition get to you.

Just do your best and give it some time.:smiley:

I am sure that some of our RESPECTED inspectors like John McKenna, David Vally, and others will be interested to know that they are listed as his “associates” on his blog site.

He has been deleted from my list of associates. Thanks for the heads up.

**You are welcome!:stuck_out_tongue: **

**I knew that you would not like to be “associated” with this bottom feeder!:twisted: **

I have been watching Michalski sign on the MB and read these posts. Apparently, he decided to do the right thing by the fellow complaining to NACHI about him:

I am sure he is not to bad a guy , but he did get into it with me a few months ago when I called him out on what I concider the bad advise to a newbie that he should under price every one and bow down .
If tier pricing works for you may the sun shine on you.
But telling everyone to lower prices is the ruin of this field.

Apparently…as demonstrated by the master himself…lower fees makes it harder to pay your bills.:wink:

But then, if you can quote a low fee like Michalski…then trick the customer into paying you the low fee twice…perhaps he is on to something here.

That is how you reach that magic number of 1000 inspections in only a couple years. Then you tell everyone who will listen not to hire someone unless they just happen to have the same number of inspections (or other designations) that you have. Once you reach 2000 then you change the words to the song and then it becomes anyone with less than________inspections is a novice. It never ceases to amaze me to what level some will stoop to in order to portray themselves while running down ALL other inspectors. As we have seen in this case much of what has been said proved to be smoke and mirrors, half truths and outright falsehoods regarding qualifications and affiliations.

Hi. Doug, Just to say there is a lot of truth to what you say, I see that almost every day on my Construction Sites. Same difference with Home Inspectors.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Rambling thoughts reduced to pen…

Over many years I have seen Inspectors come and go since I joined up with Nick & the NACHI Organization in the early part of 2001.

I am disheartened by the number of Inspectors that it find acceptable to attempt to Trash NACHI for the very reasons that they found to be acceptable and beneficial at the time they personally needed assistance in the Development of their own Businesses.

I joined up with NACHI (when we had just under 100 Members in 10 States) to fulfill PA State Certification requirements. I have remained exclusively a NACHI Member Only (amazing what NACHI has accomplished in such a short time frame) since that time.

Business is built upon Personal Achievements / Accomplishments. Affiliation with a Fraternal Organization is a Tool that will assist you* In *your Business. It is Not your Business.

Business is Lost when you denigrate your Competition based upon a meaningless Business designation such as a Fraternal Affiliation (Mine is better than Yours).

I have strong personal opinions with regard to alternative Organizations based upon personal experience. I do not speak ill of others but I will not join them either.

Statement in and of itself…

FACT remains…
I continue to find the most Experienced and Educated Members, by Majority, belong to NACHI.

Not likely to change into the Future either as the focus of NACHI has been on Education / Continuing Education (CEU)…

[FONT=Times New Roman]NACHI Members are Business Entrepreneurs that Know that they can bring about Positive Change/Influence along with Better Methodologies to the current models that are Ineffectively Promoted by Others…