Michalski writes

to Attorney blasting Home Inspectors and slams newbies in process.


Way to go Ex NACHI member Joe Michalski!

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Part of his psychosis requires that he publish long articles throughout the internet promoting the fact that he is a “lowballer” and that it is “okay”. It’s therapy…probably prescribed to him by Stuart Smalley, his alter ego.

What does being a member of the BBB have do to with being a good home inspector?

Reasonably prices home inspections…I equate that with marketing to real estate agents. :smiley:

Anyone can join the BBB if thay pay the 450.

Does anyone else get the impression he is describing himself? Cotton candy marketing ploys, straddling the fence between kissing up to and all over the Realtors butts (starting at the ankles) and shining the customers on to give them the impression the higher priced inspectors are somehow being unnecessarily overpaid. This does a huge disservice to not only the customers by lulling them into believing a cheaper inspector is just as qualified and experienced as the higher priced guys, but to the inspectors as well. Just as a rising tide floats all boats a low tide will do the same only it will lower all boats while it exposes the scum and other debris on the bottom of the ocean. As long as there are guys out there willing to do inspections for low ball prices, the HI industry will never get out of the fringes of and being thought of as a Handyman business. This kind of mentality is what keeps Realtors and the public at large thinking that we are bargain basement professionals. They hurt the profession, the public and themselves in the long run.

Since he is no longer a member, I can share that this “lowballer” was often complaned about to the Ethics Committee and they continue to come in…

I am omitting the client’s name since I do not have his permission to post this, but here is one that just came in today.

What a douche bag. I hope Evin Dugas reads this before he embraces this guy too closely.

While there is nothing we, as an organization, can do to help this poor client who paid an inspector twice for the same inspection…we can certainly call upon this slimeball to do the right thing and refund the money owed to this man. He knows who he is.

Well, looky here.

Just a few minutes after my post, we hear from the consumer that Mr. Michalski has contacted him…TODAY…and the check is in the mail (again).

Looks like somebody is still lurking and reading the message board.

He still shows himself as a member of Nachi on his Active Rain site as well. That would be misleading and false advertising. If he knows and Im sure he does, that the customer has paid him twice there is no excuse for not refunding one of the fees. That customer should turn him in to PayPal so they will freeze his account so he can’t use it anymore to bilk others. As I said, these guys give all of us a bad name and leave the public with the impression HI are little more than Dutch Uncle professionals and shady. It is the same as a contractor who takes someones money never to be seen again without doing the work. I believe there is an exceptionally hot section in Hell for those people.

His state requires that he belong to either ASHI, NAHI or NACHI.

I guess he is lying to his state government like he does to the public. Perhaps one of you PA boys can check this out.


The State of PA requires that an Inspector be a “Full Member in Good Standing” of a National Home Inspector Organization (having Members in 10 or more States).

If not a Full Member of NACHI, the requirement is there for Organizations such as ASHI and/or NAHI.

InterNACHI’s COE Committee… protecting consumers from non-members around the world and in your neighborhood. :smiley:

Inspectors in PA who are not full members of a national trade association are committing a criminal act by doing inspections, stealing work from legitimate inspectors like Joe Hagarty, and don’t qualify for discounts on the mandated state E&O that must be carried.

On his Active Rain blog, he is falsely advertising himself as a member of NACHI.

He is also misrepresenting himself as a PA DEP Certified Radon Tester by offering Radon Testing (along with a pricing schedule) on his website. Offering a service that you are not duly Licensed / Certified to perform is investigated by the PA DEP.

Ironic that I was in a meeting with Auditors from the PA DEP this morning reviewing radon records.

At one time, about a year ago, he was falsely representing himself as licensed in New Jersey as was listing New Jersey counties on his site. I had him remove that information.

As for now, he is not our problem…but he does present a black mark on our industry.

Can you, Joe H., file the necessary complaint with the state to get him in compliance…or in another line of work?


A member of my family told a friend of his that I was looking for marketing suggestions and he called me. Not a fun call at all. He started out by telling me that NACHI was cr-p and that ASHI was everything and that the Realtors and mortgage companies knew it. He said that some guy in ASHI had 2 of his dogs as members. I wonder how that happened cause I’m stupid but dogs cant operate computers …duhhhh. He also told me about a lot of unnecessary equipment that I “would have to have”. Oh and since I was a girl that I would not enjoy crawling around under houses (he didn’t know that Ive fixed leaking plumbing pipes sitting in cold water in crawl spaces when the temp outside is under freezing). What a clown! Oh and he also told me that he was on some kind of committee that was deciding the new licensing laws. And that they were gonna require 300 inspections to stay in business and I was gonna have to pay to ride with someone…and on and on and on. I finally just told him “well I guess I just cant get there from here”. I don’t know much about ASHI but I’ve been around long enough to know that he just does not want me for competition. :roll:

It may not be the same for you, but in my neck of the woods ASHI works hard to recruit everyone and to put out of business those who refuse to join…so as to show that you cannot be in business and not be in ASHI.

They play pretty dirty so don’t turn your back on them.

Dana, Thanks for relating your story.

But since J.M. is over 500 miles from you why would he be concerned about you as competition?

Why he would call you at all is beyond me.

On the other hand I have received calls from some members much farther away than that.:wink:

Typical bottom feeder.