Nachi member offering kickbacks

This crap has got to stop, You really should not be able to offer kickbacks in the inspection industry. Im pretty sure Nachi has a rule against it.

Im pretty sure they were part of out reach program. Notice key words, “In house third party quality assurance”, " Approved Vendors"

Definitely a Nachi member. Definitely outreach company marketing under different name. Illegal?

And yes, they are advertising Home Inspections within this ad, so I would say it is in violation of the statute.

I urge fellow members to write the authorities(oir/dbpr/dfs) demanding a memo forbidding this activity, so we can foward to agents and violating inspectors/inspection companies.

I can’t see who they are targeting here. Are you sure they are targeting real estate professionals not previous clients?

Capitalism…you gotta love it.

It don’t look good for the little guy…

Only G.C.'s… What’s up with that?

It was fowarded to me by an agent

Hopefully they didn’t know better but I doubt it. Not good and unethical. It will catch up with them.

Email the link to Joe Farsetta. Copy Nick.

I received two emails and a phone call about it. I personally called him, to give him a heads up(not in my area). He thinks there is nothing wrong with what he is doing. :roll:

Unprofessional inspectors make us all look bad. Many here cry about not being treated like a professional or being paid as one but how many do not act as one.

I think we should all do something about this kind of behavior. Shame on the agents also.

We all realize he just charges the client extra to cover his costs to the agents.

It has been the way things are done in this insurance inspection business ever since I have been involved.

Just go beat on agents doors and try to get in with them and you will see. Most have a guy that compensates them in some way for the business they send their way.

Nothing we can do about it.

Do not waist your time with the ethics committee. They are a joke.

That is why people contact me as soon as they find out how much the insurance companies guy charges.

A used house salesman is only paid when a house sells and a home inspector and salesman in cahoots can hoodwink an unsuspecting buyer into buying a lemon. Hence, professional associations forbid their members from paying for referrals to eliminate the appearance of a conflict of interest.

I don’t think the same situation exists with insurance salesmen, does it? How would an inspector handle a “paid for” referral differently and under what circumstances would an insurance salesman want to influence the outcome of an inspection?

The motivation of used house salesmen is a bit more obvious. How can a purchased referral be abused from an insurance salesman?

Insurance salesmen only care about the sale.

They have been known to want things to work out to give their clients a lower price.

The reason we have the new asinine form and requirements is because people were just marking off the best ratings and submitting them.

This benefited the salesmen and the homeowners.

I have still not figured out how having us initial every page and write the address on every page stops fraud but I guess the powers that be need to “feel” like they have done something to combat the fraud.

Now we have honest people risking their lives trying to get a photo of a nail with a ruler next to it and the dishonest guys just get a photo from their files and plug it into the space.

The whole thing is a joke. Photos should ONLY be for our benefit and to help us remember how we came to decisions. If they are not included that should not affect weather or not the client gets the credit.

When we sign our friggin name that should be enough. As it is with EVERY thing else we do. If someone is found guilty of fraud or deceiving the insurance companies then they should be punished accordingly.

We “honest Inspectors” should NOT have to jump thru all these useless hoops just because there are scumbags out there.

Why no one can see the danger in this and how it is wrong I will never know.

I guess this profession is just comprised of a bunch of “YESMEN” that do what ever they are told like good little boys and girls. It is time to stand up now that you are all instant “Professionals” and demand that you are treated as such.

I will not hold my breath waiting.

Who does this hurt?

You have me out of context.

Faking things or fudging things is fraud.

It hurts the insurance companies and the other clients of the insurance companies.

Most agents do not give a rats a-s about the company who pays them their check. They just want to sale of the insurance to go through so they can get their money.

If the client gets credits they do not deserve because the agent has a pal that is an inspector then the agent can likely sell the insurance cheaper than his competition.

Yes man? Are you calling me a Yes man? Well, I will be damned your 100% right. See, why you have the dillusions that omitting items or not being forthright with the information will save your clients “money”. I am a big believer in doing the job right the first time. Being a minimalist is why your doing for $50. So YES when it comes to cutomer satisfaction and dong the job to the best of my ability then I am a “Yes man”.

I just spoke with him and I believe I convinced him that it hurt his business more than helped it overall.

Who is your customer?

What happened to circumventing the laws and guidelines? I mean we wish to do it elsewhere why not here? I mean why not give your wife the $20 who owns a marketing company. I give here a check for $20 to wipoff marketing and then she writes a check for $20 for the referal. He calls it marketing and so does she. From what I am seeing its about circumventing the laws and thinking of ways around them rather than just abiding by them.