Microsoft 365 training help

Hello folks im a new home inspector just starting out and my computer skills are not good. I need help with microsoft 365 and how to do basic tasks like how to move download documents into word so i can edit is one example. Does anyone have suggestions on the best way to learn this software bec iam spending way too much time learning on my own. Thanks for the help!


The only other way to learn is attending some sort of class or online seminar. I’m by any measure no computer wizard and I use MS 365, mostly for outlook, but also word and excel if needed. I have found that Google is my best friend whenever trying to figure out how navigate these sort of programs, same goes for my phone.


Yep. Same here. There’s tons of stuff on YouTube also. Most of the stuff on Word and Excel you won’t really need anyway.

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Another option here. : ms office for dummies

You could always do like I did and marry someone that works in IT.