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Hi everyone! I recently passed my National home inspection exam. I live in southern Mississippi, still have several more steps to being completely licensed here, but would like to know what is a good home inspection software? Any info would be greatly appreciated.



You need to try different free samples to find what YOU like. Everyone has different work needs.

The most common workspace layout has a commands toolbar at the top. A file pane on the left and a tool menu dropdown on the right. This is the basic Microsoft Office layout and typical of other software as well.

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Thank you!

Welcome to our forum, Malcolm!..enjoy participating. :smiley:


Malcolm, check out our very own Kenton Shepard’s write up on software here

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I appreciate that info Larry.

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Welcome to our forum, Malcolm!.

“good home inspection software?” Carson Dunlop Horizon.

Thank you Robert!

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Welcome to the forums Malcolm! And congratulations on passing the exam, I know that was a weight lifted as I recently passed not too long ago myself. Check out Home Inspector Toolbelt, I really like how that software can help keep you on task during an inspection. They have 5 free samples as well as a ton of other software companies out there. I would also say check out Inspector Outlet if you haven’t already. They’re InterNACHI’s partner vendor and offer great discounts! Good luck bud! Oh and Robert (Bob) Kenney is right. Software is a ‘feel’ type of deal.

Thanks Eddie, and a congratulations is in order for you to. It is a great weight lifted. Thanks for the great information and best of luck to you!

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