Microsoft Streets & Trips 2009 with GPS Locator

Microsoft Streets & Trips 2009 with GPS Locator

I got a new GPS for fathers day and don’t need the streets & trips any longer. All original packaging. Used only for a short time. If anyone is interested, follow the link to e-bay. (This includes the GPS device that attaches to your computer. It’s not just the software alone.)

Mark, I put in a bid. I don’t really need it but, hey, I figured I’d help get the bidding going for you. The worst that can happen is that I end up with the latest version of S&T. :wink:

Streets and Trips with the GPS receiver is a good deal even at full price. I bought it five or six years ago when GPSs were in the $1,000+ price range. I would plug it into my laptop when I traveled to cities where I didn’t know my way around. It got me to where I needed to go many times.

I have a Garmin GPS but I am thinking about getting a Netbook for when I travel. If I do, I’ll probably take the Netbook with Streets instead of my Garmin.

Thanks George,

If you are really interested in it, keep an eye on it. :wink:

whats your buy it now price?:smiley:

$49.95 but for some reason that isn’t showing up. (I’ve never sold an item before.) I’ll have to check the listing and see what’s going on.

Buy-It-Now only shows up until you have your first bid in an auction style listing. Fixed Price style and Store listings always have Buy-It-Now.

If you want to have Buy-It-Now always available, you can do a Fixed Price listing with Make Offer enabled.

As of right now, you have six bids. That’s a good sign. Most bidding activity is usually in the final hours and minutes of an auction listing.

7 bids :smiley:

3 bidders competing:)

Just a little over 5 more hours for bidding left…

:DLooks like Bruce won!