Streets & Trips with GPS

I recently picked up Microsoft’s Streets & Trips 2006 with GPS locator. What a cool product. The GPS tracks in real time my location and the Streets and Trips software plans out the route similar to mapquest but the driving guide tells me with the audio voice when and which way to turn with very good accuarcy. Gotta love it. :slight_smile:

These GPS toys are so neat:cool: I have a Garmin Ique 3600. Best thing next to Margareta’s.:mrgreen: I had the Delorme Street atlas for the longest time. It worked great to. But I always had to mess with the laptop. But now I just grab and run. Works great also to get information at the inspection site.

What are you guys paying for your ???

Heck if it makes sense I might order it from out by you, everything here is so damn expensive, whew !!!

I have an older MS 2004 version, and love it. In addition, I also have a Magellan 600 which is pretty neat too! Sounds like I need to upgrade my Streets and Trips. One thing - I have noticed though using in Canada - some street level maps are inaccurate.

I believe the cost for the MS Streets and Trips is in $150(Cdn) range full version.

Good timing on this…for me.

Tuesday, I went to Best Buy looking for MS streets. I really only wanted the software so I could “push-pin” a map for each home I’ve inspected. Anyway, ended pcking up the DeLorme Street Atlas with software **and **GPS for $99. I purchased a tablet PC when I started this job, but ended up not using it. Figured I could finally put it to some use (business and pleasure).

I just took my first trip with the GPS and tablet (to the grocery store). Kewl!

I still have a learning curve or two to go, and I doubt I will use it much for HI work, but I can see how it would be very useful on rambling road trip vacations.

Now, if I could just read the darn tablet in bright daylight…!

If you have one with a voice feature you don’t have to read it. Just listen as it tells you which way to go at every turn.

I use a Garmin 2160, it has the voice also
I can’t belive how good it is and how
much time it saves


This GPS is the best out there.

No programming involved. Take it out of the box, attach the device to your windshield or dash and enter your destination and start driving. It’s voice activated and has a 3-D view.

I’ve never had a problem with this. I’ve found so many short-cuts utilizing TOM TOM. The best.

I use a Garmin as well (forgot which model). I’ve become dependent on it and can’t find my way home without it :roll:

Nothing beats streets and trips when you have mulitple destinations. It will optimize your route. Works well when hurricanes blow down all your street signs and landmarks (trees) that your so used to seeing.

After hurrincane Andrew, I visited some people I knew that were hit. CBS construction home and tile roof. The ONLY way to know you were at the house was the TOILET. All that was left was the slab and their master bedroom toilet.

MS Streets & Trips can be purchased between $99-129 depending on rebates.

I use an earbud when travelling. Never have to look at the screen. Threre is a small learning curve. One is not to panic when you enter a highway ramp and it says “Off Route”. The GPS is accurate within 100 feet. The U.S. military controls this feature. As a pilot, the runways are within 100 feet as well. I guess the military figures if your within 100 feet and still can’t find where your going, I guess you may need to give up your license!

I won’t leave home without it!

If you get stuck in a traffic jam you can just bailout at the nearest exit/turn. The program will take you around it and back on course.

If you follow the MLS directions to the property you’ll never get there! Real estate agents don’t know left from right and North from South!

The only problem I have around here, is that they have multiple streets with the same names, sometimes even the same address number if the county is different!

Anyway, a great way to doublecheck where you’re going in the best way to get there.

For $99, it’s paid for itself several years ago!

Actually, it’s so the enemy can’t put a JDAM down your chimney, like we can its. And if you can’t find an airfield without GPS, you need to have your medical updated.

Sounds like we hit a thread here…:slight_smile: Like I said before,I do not leave home with out it… Set your adress,listen as it talks you to your location. Pull it out of its cradle,and head for the house. Do you need to know which way north is? guess what? with a GPS,you know that know. I like the Garmin I-Que 3600 handheld unit. It does so much more than just telling you were to go. I get enough of that from my wife.:wink: I am looking into the Tom Tom. But the price! You can go on ebay and find the I-Que 3600 with the auto mount kit for around $360.00 to your door.

I am considering the ms streets and trips, have been looking at it for a while. I was wondering how rural it went?

I recently acquired a Palm Zire 72 GPS package (new in the box) on Ebay. It is so accurate it still amazes me. This unit uses the TomTom software as well. It is all Bluetooth so it works without the standard wires. It comes with a full package of accessories so it does have a charge cable for both the GPS receiver and the handheld. I already had a Zire 72 so I ended up with a spare. It too has 3D or expanded map. Programs like a dream. Takes only a couple of seconds to program in a destination. These go for around $700 but I did not pay nearly that much. This setup “talks you down” as well. One nice feature it has is “night colors” for the screen. The colors change to black with neon blue lines and graphics. Pretty cool. No more fumbling with the Realtors maps that aren’t accurate or streets are mislabeled.

Ben I use MS streets in the car and it worked well over Christmas on a trip to very rural SW Georgia



Does everything come with it for that price, if so, I will be making an investment tommorrow.

hi to all,

ben I bought the software at Sam’s club for $40;00 2 months ago, I allready had the GPS reciever courtesy of Joe Burkeson a few months ago. I understand you can buy both the sofware and the reciever as a kit for around $120 bucks, all you need is your laptop to run it on, I use an old Fujitsu as it is a nice size for the car.



I have a brand new GPS receiver with a USB connector for laptops. I bought this to use with my laptop in the truck before I ran up on the Palm GPS on Ebay. It receives power via the USB cable and works with MS Streets and Maps. I connected it up just long enough to make sure it worked. If anyone is interested I would let it go for what I paid for it. It has a magnetic base and completely sealed. Flip me an email if you are interested. I got a real good deal on it.

I have my laptop audio out pluged into my trucks stero and use the voice directions with MS Streets… real nice:)