Microwave testing

Tested a built-in unit that appeared to continue running a bit too long after the door was opened. Not certain if it was only the fan or the microwave generator still operating. Any fancy way to test this without expensive equipment, and any recommended verbage for the report?

I’ve used this little $6 tester for several years now with great results. The trick is to buy several of them as they only last a few months. Don’t run them in the microwave for more than 5-6 seconds at a time to confirm the operation of the microwave. I think more than that dramatically reduces the life expectancy of the tester. Try: http://www.electronix.com/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/238_260/products_id/5445

I used to lave a tester that would light up. But lost it. Now I usually just take a sponge (there is usually one there) and wet it, put it in the unit, and run the microvace for 10 seconds. If it gets hot, the unit works, or as we say, heats water. The only thing it does not do is show if any waves are leaking from the system (like the one I lost did).

The unit cooks, I’m just concerned it might be working when the door is first opened.

Using the device I referenced in post #2 you would simply set it in the microwave, turn the microwave on for whatever time you felt appropriate, see the lights illuminate, then open the door. The lights should immediately go off on the tester. If they don’t then the oven is still generating microwaves and would be considered defective.

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Gerry, you’re 100% correct. Fifi works the exact same way as the tester I showed. When you open the microwave door she should immediately stop yelping and then jump out and start licking your face. :slight_smile:

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I test the microwave by throwing in a small bag of popcorn. If the darn thing won’t pop popcorn, it’s toast (pardon the pun). Then I give the bag to the client for some munchies. Makes the kitchen smell like a million dollars.

I’ve only had two or three microwaves that wouldn’t pass the popcorn test. One was a condo rented out to some college kids. After 5 minutes, the bag still wouldn’t get hot.

Hey Greg, this is serious stuff, especially if you don’t get your test poodle regularly calibrated.

Here’s mine being recalibrated

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I have been having Fluffy “recalibrated” here for ages, hell this is serious, there are hundreds of possibly defective microwaves out there. I wondered why he came back all fuzzy and sweet smelling when I had him calibrated. :wink:




Hamsters work just as well, and they’re cheaper to replace when you forget to turn off the unit.

Hi Ken, I tried that, but with more and more homes having the 1,000 Watt ones they just weren’t lasting :wink:



Just try using one in a 1200W oven. Not good.

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