Microwave oven tester defect

After a few seconds in the microwave, my tester started sparking, smoking and melting. I must have gotten a defective unit. :eek: :frowning:


Email me fastreply@nachi.org your shipping address and I’ll send you 5 more. I have a question though… did you run it with a cup of water in the microwave?

I like mine, last a long time until I leave at property. Can I get a few more?

I have not burnt one in 3-4 years because I learned to take them out the second they glow.

No I didn’t. Just the tester alone.

Never burnt one

Never use a cup of water.

Like Bob as soon as it starts flashing orange I open the door.

I have left a few behind. :frowning:


The newer crop of devices do burn up and fast! I have been through several over the last year.

Just an FYI I learned after replacing a switch inside the microwave:

The tech said never open the door to stop the microwave because it permits high voltage to jump across the switch making it burn out sooner. Always use the stop/cancel button. I don’t know enough about them to verify anything like that but I do try to follow his advice now. It was a service call, labor and part for $130 or so…can’t really remember exactly just now. :slight_smile:

Same here, every now and then I leave one behind. I hate when happens because I never realize it until my next inspection. :shock:

I will have to call BS on that one Larry.

The door interlock switch is in series with the same circuit as the timer controller.

I think the tech was puling your leg. :wink:

Here is a simplified diagram to illustrate why:


Just email me fastreply@nachi.org for a free replacement.

Awesome, thank you Nick

bulbs dropped out of mine

Just email me fastreply@nachi.org for a free replacement.

Thanks for the education with that schematic. Is it possible that other brands are different? Our microwave had a button to push in to open the door. I wonder why he would say that. It didn’t appear he was full of himself.

I used to use a cup of water… Until a Client called Nanci to Complain that I had used “Her” cup…

I use the tester and a wet paper towel…
The lights and the heat of the towel…
tells the tale…

Now waiting for the customer call that I left a wet paper towel in their trash can…

Nanci received a call yesterday…
That my truck was (legally) parked in front of their home…
They were requesting that I move the truck …
as their Home was not contracted for any service …
and did not want to create an impression…
that their home needed a service…

“Thank you for your call and I will forward the Information”…


I don’t think so.

They are all basically the same.

The door interlock is internal in the units with out the door button but the interlock switch is still in series with the rest of the interlocks and control board.

Regs. were put in place in 1994 that added a circuit that would blow the fuse if you tried to disable the door interlocks.

The tech was probably just passing along an old wives tail that he learned from someone else.

But it’s difficult to know for sure.

No more phone calls please… We have our winner! \:D/