Clear Microwave tester

Just a note of caution. I used my clear “Nachi” microwave tester yesterday, and the damn thing caught on fire. I set it in a microwave and set the unit on 3 secs to test like I usually do and the microwave tester shot fire out of one of the orange bulbs. I was not seeing things, it actually happened, so be careful.


Perhaps you need a microwave tester tester

No Chuck, the microwave tester is only a one time use if the microwave fails due to too many watts that’s all.

Damn you guys are tough…

Although I WAS kidding it is possible for the transmitter in the microwave to fail in a way that it does over cook things. I could be the microwave, in theory (not real likely, but not impossible). I’ve seen it happen with RADAR.

I understand that if you wrap them with foil, it will help protect them from the excess radiation

Just having fun with it. I’m sure it was dramatic

Could always use bag popcorn:)

Love those things but more than a sec after lighting is too much.

I know you were kidding. I am very thick skinned, don’t get my feelings hurt too easily. Been married for 41 years, so pretty tough. Anyway I quit using my NACHI tester and went back to the old bag filled with rice or something like that.

My testers also fell apart , Not complaining ( were sent in a birthday care box) Iwonder if it is a bad batch?

One of the two LEDs blew out if mine in front of a client, it was kind of dramatic. Still use it but only one led works, the other is black and burnt.

Clients love them.

What a waste of time to try and ‘impress’ customers with such a gimmick. Who gives a **** about a mw oven!?! There are far more important items to study than a stupid appliance which they may likely replace anyway.

Have them watch you find real probs on the roof and in the attic and WDO, the places where the money is. Honestly, who cares abt a $150 mw that is now deprec’d down to value of $8!?!

I use a wet paper towel now…
Cold water… Heat for 30 seconds…
it works just the same…

Does your opinion apply to high end built in OTR units? My clients want me to inspect the appliances, so I do. Because I test microwaves, your reasoning is that I don’t inspect other areas?


The day it becomes part of your State SOP like it is in TX, you might not think “who gives a **** about a mw oven!?!” when they take away your license because you didn’t comply with them…

whew, 41 years of marriage, you MUST be tough.

or your wife must be tough:mrgreen:

WOW , Pete, here is why I take one minute to turn on appliances…

If you don’t, and the client buys the home and the first night in, they decide to cook and the range doesn’t light, or the microwave doesn’t turn on, the first thing they say, is the inspector missed it. They do not care about any SOP, they probably didn’t even read it, and you can be sure their inconvenience will turn into bad mouthing you at the water cooler. Its worth a minute to me.

Although a great thorough inspection never seems to turn into cheers and lauding of outstanding work at the water cooler, does it, go figure.

My 2 cents.

I’m with Mike,of course.

My client and RE Agents were fascinated by the tester yesterday.
Actually that is the first gadget I use during an inspection as I start in the Kitchen.