Mid Missouri Chapter Offers Free 2-Day Training Seminar

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The NACHI Training Caravan will be stopping by to offer a 6-hour (6 CEU) training course in Foundations on 9/30 and a 6-hour (6 CEU) training course on Doors & Windows on 10/1.

The training will be provided free to all NACHI members and will be provided to non-members for the fee of $100 per day, which will be applied toward membership when all other criteria has been met and upon application.

The training will be provided by Bob Brown and Helen Jeffries and the awarding of CEUs from the State of Illinois is pending. Information regarding Illinois CEU credits will be provided when the applications have been responded to.

The training will be conducted at the same location as our July electrical training program - the Holiday Inn - Select, in St. Peters, Missouri.

Classes run from 8:00 a.m. until 3:45 p.m., both days. Contintental breakfast will be provided free and a lunch break will be provided for trainees to meet with instructors or scatter for lunch.

For more details, contact me at homeinspect@socket.net or visit our chapter web site at www.monachi.org .

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