Midea Heat Pump Model & Serial # Decoder?

Need help on determining the size and age of Midea Split System Heat Pumps.
MD Midea Heating & Ventilating Equipment Co., LTD
Condensing Unit Model # MOVA-18CN1-M16
Serial #C703095030711704400004.
Inspection was on a 12 unit apartment complex. There are 12 of these units installed. The air handlers in the apartments hallway ceiling did not have locatable model or serial numbers. Owners says he had the units installed in 2012. Thanks for any info!

I’m sure it’s a 1.5 ton unit, date of 2012 install seems to fit the label.

I was thinking 1.5 ton unit manufactured in 2011, did a quick search to no avail.

Thanks for the help! I did dig up a Midea manual. It shows you both are right on size. 18,000 BTU’s. The model # decoder also shows that it is a split system ac only. Not a heat pump. Still can’t find confirmation on the age/serials numbers. The condensing unit model number decoder page is attached in case it help anyone.
Again thank you!