Heat pump age?

Serial# 0008539877-P13-0022
Model# DEBD020G-BV
Can you tell the capacity by these #'s


It seems to be a 1.75 ton unit (actually 1.83) from August 2000. Although a little unusual size-wize (sp.) but I have seen it before.

Almost always there is a three-digit number within the model number—in this case, 020—that tells you the capacity. One ton is equivalent to 012, so 018 would be a 1½-ton unit, 036 a 3-ton unit, etc.

This is a heat pump. The outside unit is a 3ton. Is the inside unit just an air handler, correct.

I’m not following you. It being a heat pump doesn’t matter. What I’m presuming, then, is that you have a split system rather than a packaged system. One can use a cooling condenser of a different size. I find it often here, especially in the inland areas where they actually use cooling systems. The inside unit will be something like a 1½ or 2-ton unit, with the cooling condenser outside being a 3- or 4-ton unit. Doesn’t necessarily mean that they are matched right because many home owners still think that the biggest unit they can afford will provide them with the most cooling power. So many other factors involved, but Home Depot and others encourage Harry Homeowner to do whatever he wants to do.

Thanks Ray
You are a big help and we appreciate it.