Mike Holmes new show

Mike has just begun production on a new series called “Holmes Inspection”, that profiles home inspections gone wrong. “Holmes Inspection” will start airing in Fall 2009 on HGTV Canada.

Want to be on the show? Click Here to find out how!

Link to: http://holmesonhomes.com/makeitright/

How about lame brain plumbers.?
I would like to see that one.

Should I guess what the D is for?

You are a nasty man Charlie Brown!


We all know, it’s old news for us. Who knows, maybe some good will come from this.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I recently did a home inspection in Toronto and the buyer’s requested 6 references, when I asked why, they said: “Based on Mike Holmes book and recommendations” Mike recommends 10 references, they settled on 6
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]BTW The house was worth $550K[/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Yesterdays (Sat.) inspection was 4000 sq ft, asking price was $3.5 million; guess what, they didn’t ask for references![/FONT]


Hey the guy comes on on a home inspection forum and asks if we want to be featured as home inspections gone wrong.

Am I the only one to catch that this post is from a plumber.

His post is meant as an insult to the members here.

If I am reading this wrong,please enlighten me.

I think the man is just trying to be funny, no insults as far I’m concerned Robert!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]IMO After thinking about it, this show will do a lot of good for the Industry, except for the part about getting 10 references!![/FONT]

BTW I bought his book.

His name is Doug Plummer. Not Plumber. I believe he was a member here a long time back and lapsed.

Sorry Robert, I meant no disrespect. Mike Holmes is a hero to some Canadians & I thought it was funny. Thus I posted under the Canadian section.Stephen & Mario are correct. I was a NACHI member when Nick opened the first Canadian Chapter. I’m not a plumber by trade. I am a restoration & remediation contractor specializing in water, mould, asbestos & fire. Hope that clears it up. I didn’t realize you American HI"S were soooo sensitive. Cheers!

Doug Plummer not plumber.


The guy is to be respected, but he has any easy job in comparison to real world builders with clients bitchin’ about cost.
Home Inspectors are an easy shot once you have the building ripped to bits.
As a former contractor I have watched too many of his shows were his “workers” are ripping out (dust and likely asbestos in older properties)
without any dust masks.

Actually it says in small print at the end of the show that protective equipment is removed for filming purposes which leads me to think they are using masks most of the time at least. I used to wonder about that too until I saw this. He has done both good and bad things for the industry. What gets me is now everybody wants permits which is good because I always insisted on them but half the time the code inspectors barely pay attention!

If he shines a light on the bad ,maybe the price for the good guys will go up.

Why won’t Mike Holmes out the contractors (say there names)who do the crappy work to begin with instead of putting down HI’s? A lot of things he finds wrong, that I’ve seen on his show are hidden behind walls and places the naked eye can’t see… And isn’t detected until they start demolition.

I know a lot of the issues are hidden