I hope there are a lot of Members taking advantage of this. Very educational.

Join Mike in his living room and get your questions answered.


Below is the schedule (all times Eastern Daylight):
NOTE: This schedule has been updated to reflect that Mike will be streaming from 7pm - 8pm this week and then for May the time switches to 6pm - 7pm (EDT).

Also, just in case you missed some of the sessions, you can see them all by clicking on the links belor, or going to www.MikeHolt.com/live.

Week 1: Watch HERE!

Week 2: Watch HERE!
Week 3: April 21-23 Watch HERE!
Week 4: Apr 28-30 Tu, We, Th 7pm - 8pm EDT
Week 5: May 5-7 Tu, We, Th 6pm - 7pm EDT
Week 6: May 12-14 Tu, We, Th 6pm - 7pm EDT
Week 7: May 19-21 Tu, We, Th 6pm - 7pm EDT
Week 8: May 26-28 Tu, We, Th 6pm - 7pm EDT

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Thanks for joining us!

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When I first saw this post, I thought it was Mike Holmes :yawning_face:.

Mike Holt is worth listening to.

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I’ve watched him for 3 nights already and sure learn a lot from him.

Great find, Marcel! I’ll have to tune in and learn.

I’ve learned much from Mike Holt over the years.


Mike Holt is great. Thanks for posting Marcel!