I need your feed back.

UPDATE: after you read this post, also jump down to post #6. I want your feed back on this idea. Your opinion really matters to me on this.

I am in the process of setting up our IR class so that each student can have access to the teachings via Podcast and/or live Webinar.

The Podcast will have a lot of PRO’s that people have been asking for…

  • Instant access to listen to the lecture part of the class (the written material is already available upon enrollment).

  • Ability to play the teaching several times in a certain spot in order to get better understanding of certain issues.

  • Available at any time, instead of being bound to an entire weekend in front of your computer for 8 hours each day. (2 days)

  • Go through the teachings at your own pace.

  • Each student will also have the option to come to the live webinar, if they want to attend a class where they can ask questions. If they want to skip the live webinar and just turn in their test answers at the end of the Podcast, then that is also an option.

  • The Podcast will work good for people in other countries who are in a very different time zone. It is hard on them to attend our live webinar when it is 2 am in the morning in their country.

  • The Podcast will be password protected and access will be limited to 30 days. If someone needs more time we can add more time. If someone wants to change the date of attending the live webinar, we can change the dates for them also. No charge.

Can you think of anything else I might be missing that would help the students.? I am going to teach an onsite class in Canada soon, so I was thinking of recording that class and use it as the Podcast content.

Sounds good John.

Jim I attended a music lab with Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke recently. They did a great job and although it was well rehearsed and these guys needed little introduction it was the server that appeared most problematic. It’s s new arena and most likely the future of these types of remote instruction classes. Your ability to access the info and video of the instruction at a later date is also a great idea! Questions and answers during the live session is an interesting approach but in all likelihood it’s the content of the class and how well organized it is that will tell if its a successful venture. The cost by the way was $69.00 which in today’s world makes sense. There were over three thousand attendees to the initial live broadcast.

You are correct. That is why I went with the one of the best Podcast providers in the industry. They handle over 10K broadcast and are known as one of the flag ship providers in the industry.

Build it and they will come providing it’s reasonably priced at least for the initial introduction. If you choose to broadcast the offering through Facebook in some manner it could be a very viable proposition. Turns out it’s folks our age and income bracket who are most likely to respond.

OK… here is another idea … just an idea at this point. Give me your feedback.

What if I start opening up the webinar to allow everyone who wants to come, and make it FREE of charge? and… we do it once a month for questions and answers only.

In other words… the paying students have already had a chance to listen to the 2 days of teaching va Podcast, that goes with the 300 pages of class material on thermal imaging.

So on the monthly webinar we will change the format to be a time where the students can ask questions and discuss the material they have already been going over.

Instead of doing a complete teaching again at the live webinar, we will turn it into a time of discussion and Q&A. Each person could enter their comments in the chat box and I could respond verbally to all the comments.

AND… we make it FREE to anyone else who wants to come and sit in on the discussion.

The students would be given the first chance to ask questions and then the people who came in for FREE would have a chance to make their comments also. I think it would be very interesting to the new people to hear the discussion of those who have already finished the class material.

This would help the students who have already finished all the class material and also help the new people coming for FREE, but have not made up their mind if they are ready to jump into thermal imaging.

We could have this FREE webinar once a month… perhaps on a Saturday around mid day and we would do it every month. There would be limited seating up to 50 people and it would be FREE for everyone.

Any thoughts from you guys?

Jim sounds like a good start. In addition an introduction course free of charge would be what I would consider to garner interest for future advanced classes.


I have known you for years now. My name is John… LOL :mrgreen:

Yes, the free webinar would not only be a chance for students ask questions regarding the IR class they have taken, but also it would be like a mini-free class on many subjects that the non-student have not been exposed to yet.

From time to time, we will bring in an expert on certain subject matter to enhance the topic at hand. All for Free.

I like the idea of the Q&A as I took the course several years ago and it would be a bit like CE for us


The free webinar will be set up in 3 phases…

1- students, who just took the class via podcast and the written material, could ask questions and make comments.

2- those who have been out doing infrared inspections could ask questions about some of the issues they are experiencing in the field.

3- those who who are not thermographers could listen to the discussion and at the end of the session, they would be given a chance to ask questions. It would help them get a better idea of what type of camera they need, resolution, delta T, thermal mass, emissivity… etc. There are many things that a new person does not even know that are really important, but they have not been exposed to any training yet. They end up running out and buying the wrong camera and starting off on the wrong foot… and do not even know it.

Also, as we bring in special speakers, that are experts in their field, they can keep the free webinar full of very interesting content for all groups of people.

I am working on text for my web page. Please proof read this and tell me if I forgot anything or did not word it correctly… Thanks


Please read all the information below to get
the full understanding of what your buying
and how it works.

I. Benefits Package
II. Live Webinar & Podcast Class (16 hrs)
III. Free Follow up Webinar Every Month

You get the following…

1 - Free Membership with InterNACHI
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2 - $100 Discount on Membership Renewal
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3 - 300 Pages of Class Material (.pdf)
The Same Material Used in All Our Classes.

4 - Attend Class via Live Webinar or
Recorded Podcast. You Can Play the Podcast
on Your Smart Phone or Computer. You
Are Not Required to Attend The Webinar
Class if You Prefer The Podcast only. (You
can go to any part of the Podcast and play
it several times if you desire)

5 - Free Follow-up Webinars Every Month
to Help Your Continuing Education. Expert
Guest Speakers From Time to Time.

6 - Students Get Deep Discounts on Infrared
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Live Webinar and Podcast (16 hrs)

When we do an on-site class at a location,
we turn out the lights and show slides in
a dark classroom. Everyone looks at the
300 slides on the screen. They are not
looking at me while I teach. Now you can
attend the exact same class online via your
computer or smart phone. You get to keep
the 300 pages (.pdf) of class material.
When you take of our online class via
Webinar or Podcast, you will be looking at
the same slides and hearing me teach, just
like we do at an onsite class. There is no

With this method, you don’t have the travel
expenses and time away from your home.

You get two options to partake of our
class via a live Webinar or recorded
Podcast. You have access to both. You
are not required to attend the webinar if
you prefer the Podcast only. Many enjoy
the Podcast more because of it’s convenience.


1 - Pay For The Class First.

2 - I Will Email You With Instructions.

3 - You Download 4 .pdf File (300 pages).

4 - You Get Access to The Recorded Podcast.
(available 24 hours a day)

5 - You Get Access to the Live Webinar.
(Dates for these monthly weekend classes
are listed near the bottom of this page)

6 - You Complete The Tests via Email.

7 - You Are Given a Field Assignment.

8 - I Help You Each Step of The Way.

9 - InterNACHI Provides Your Infrared
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Remember, you do not have to attend the
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Sounds great John! There are many unneeded capitalized words throughout the information.

Sorry for the all caps Samuel.

As a member below said, “Build it and they will come.”

Idea. specific course material.
1: Level and span adjustments.
2: Selecting palates for objects.
3: Adding notes to thermograms.
4: Utilizing software.