Mileage tax question

Hey guys, I have a question about claiming mileage. I have asked several people and CPAs and I’m getting different answers.
When and what mileage can I claim. Do I start claiming mileage as soon as I pull out of my driveway? Or is it after I leave my 1st clients house?
I just want to make sure I do this right.

Once you start her up…

Keep records of it. One of those little mileage books works great.

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Work dedicated vehicle. I just document the mileage every Dec. 31

If you go by miles you can’t write off anything else such as gas, oil changes, new tires etc.

I guess I didn’t ask my question clearly enough. I had a CPA tell me that I cant claim the mileage from my house to my first job, but I could claim mileage to any additional
jobs. His reasoning is the IRS considers this as the same as driving to an office. I disagree but want to make sure.
I hope this helps you all understand what I’m asking.

Get a different CPA…

Your CPA is incorrect, or you heard him wrong.

My CPA told me 40 years ago get a personal car even if it is old but insured .
Worked for us and made for easier book keeping .

My home is my office. Mileage is from my office(home) to job site and back to office(home).

Yep. And with Frank’s truck wrap, no one could argue with him that it is a company vehicle.

keep a log book and submit it at tax time. I have an app on my phone that I use. I print it every month and add it to the file.