Vehicle mileage deduction

With the standard business mileage deduction. Do you get credit for the mileage driven one way to the inspection, or too and back home from the inspection?

To and back.

Thank you.

Also to and from any trip associated with your business… Realtor offices, meetings, to get supplies or tools, associating meetings etc

Not sure how it works with US but here we keep a log of millage and separate the gas slips or keep a gas card.
I just keep mine in the ash tray as it is useless to me.

Another tip is fill the vehicle to even amounts and it makes it easier at tax time to calculate.

Rate for 2014 just dropped today…,-Medical-and-Moving-Announced

You might want to just sign up for this: Makes life so easy. Good in both the U.S. and Canada.

Luckily my inspection vehicle is dedicated just for that purpose. It doesn’t leave the driveway unless it is business related. I enter the mileage at the beginning and end of the year.

Occasionally I use my personal vehicle for business. Much nicer to drive the Caddy when I am on a consulting job or other special inspections. For this vehicle, I have the year beginning and year end mileage and keep detailed specifics of any special business trips.

My wife won’t let me drive her new truck after I put her last one in the ditch during an ice storm. :mad:

I use a mileage book, its simple and easy

I use google maps, my calendar and my receipts to keep track of my trip mileage, saves having to keep a mileage log (google maps directions for distance travelled)