Milwaukee 2260-20 TI Camera

Bought a new cordless tool set the other day and it had a catalog in it for additional tools that will work with the batteries. Thought I would post it here and see what you pro’s think. I will not be purchasing one for a while but would like to add this to my arsenal. And by this I mean thermal Imaging. Take a look and tell me what you think. There is a video with further spec info.

I prefer Milwaukee tools over other brands. They just seem to be higher quality.

Stick with a brand that will still be making thermal imagers in a couple of years. Milwaukee is throwing their name on anything nowadays and their quality is nowhere near what they used to be since they broadened their selection of tools.


I own one and I am very pleased with it.

Just curious how much these are going for, I think I seen online they were about 2500, just wondering if anyone has found any better deals on one yet?

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Milwaukee 2260-21 was selling for 2399.00 in March at
Now they are selling for 2500.00 along with a free M18 Impact Driver (169.00) until 8/30
Here’s the link -,default,pd.html

Just curious do you believe that camera is better then say a Flir I7? they are similar in price the i7 being less. I figured over time the Milwaukee might drop some in price .

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I personally cannot comment on a comparison to a Flir I7. I can only comment on how the Milwaukee Thermal Imager camera is serving my needs well.
Here’s a link to a quick review -
The Milwaukee camera has a five year warranty.

Thank you Richard, that was a very good article. Maybe if I wait a little bit longer I will be able to find an open box sale, or get a better discount one day.

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It is a 120 X 160 entry level camera.
I am happy for you but do not drop then. The standard narrative is Flukes 2 meter drop test.

They are relatively new in the market place.
Thermal sensitivity, spectral resolution, and branding is very important.
The visual camera is 1.3 MP. That is low IMO.

For the same money and through InterNACHI’s John McKenna, members may get a new Fluke Ti105.
Either 9 or 30 HZ. The TIS is 1700 and change if you contact me or go through Primo Instruments. tell Paulo I sent you and to get the InterNACHI discount.
Look at the MIPGCchapter web page.
The other cameras listed are going obsolete. TiS, Ti10 will be gone as soon as the stock is sold out.
wireless add ons that over laps in the report are what is next.

CNZ technology.
Fluke CNX a3000 AC Wireless Current Clamp Module

Fluke CNX i3000 iFlex AC Wireless Current Module

CNX v3000 AC Wireless Voltage Module

To each his own and tools and instrumentation help define your market share.
All the best with you carrier Samuel.