Milwaukee Camera

Looking for some input on this product …new to me Milwaukee 2260-21 M12 IR Camera
Resnet approved 120 x 160 just trying to figure out how it compares to the Flir E30
I am a big Milwaukee fan and the Red Lithium rapid charge batteries.

So I am going to the guys in the know I just want a POV I don’t want the Fluke vs Flir but just compare the specs with this model.

Is this just a DIY camera or will it get the job done?


Looks like the old Flir cam

Temperature Accuracy
2% or 2 deg C
Thermal Sensitivity

Seems that says more than how sharp the image is.

I’d be wary of the newer Milwaukee tools. They’re throwing their name on almost anything now. The company’s not like it use to be.


.10 Sensitivity at 30C which is the same as the E30 and E30BX… of which, IMO leaves some roof for improvement, there are some other specs to look at as well.

Was just reading that the testo had some attractive features for that same price as well.

Have you picked one up and used it?

He wants to use his Sawsall battery’s… They won’t fit a Testo will they?

I knew there would be a tool answer ;-). I am just trying to do the comparables. IR is not big in our rural area so ROI is a factor, no commercial, allot of seasonal homes and I know that sometimes you get what you pay for and sometimes you pay too much!

There are all kinds of free thermal imaging courses online to help you decide what camera to buy and what camera to use for what purpose.

Your question is to vague and would take a few weeks to answer. Other than putting two equipment datasheets side-by-side and comparing, there is not much else to say.

We don’t know how you will use the camera and a lot of the bells and whistles that you get with cameras will make your job “feasible”. If you do 700 electrical panels on one job, screw up the identification of just one of them and you have a bad week getting things straightened out!

If you decide that you want to do 15 different infrared applications (like are posted on the Internet all over the place) you must realize that one camera was designed for one specific purpose. If you have the wrong camera, you can’t do the job, plain and simple.

If the client requires you to use a specific camera and you bought the cheap version that doesn’t meet the grade, what you going to do?

If you’re going to just use your camera for home inspections, the client does not have that much of an “at risk liability” to justify paying for the camera in my opinion.

This opinion is supported by all the cameras on eBay.

But to utilize a low-end camera for building applications is unwise because it requires a higher end camera to get the job done. A lot of folks seem to think that a camera is a camera, but an I3 is like driving in a snowstorm versus a sunny day!

This is what I was looking for David thanks! Just home inspections that is my sole focus maybe helping Joe plumber locate the source of a leak …nothing to intricate …never more than one a day!
I am not looking for a cheap camera just one that will do home inspections so if one for $3000.00 will do the job I don’t need to spend $4000.00 or $20,000 but I will spend what it takes.