Min. vert. distance from w/h exhaust and operable window

I believe the minimum allowable clearance from an exhaust vent termination above an operable window is 12". That sound right?

I have a 50 gal. conventional water heater in a garage vented out a side wall of a two story residence, the diagonal distance from the corner of the operable portion of the window to the vent is about 24".

Fuel appliance exhaust, excluding direct vent, should terminate at least four feet below or horizontally from door, window, or air inlet.


Taken from a Rheem direct vent water heater installation manual:

Vent Termination must be at least 9" from windows, doors, or any other opening through which flue gases could enter the building.

9" for less than 50k btu
12" for more than 50k btu.

Depends on if it is a direct vent appliance.

Chris - thanks, I have that same image! It is a good one, I refer to it often. In this case though, the vent terminates above the operable window. Btw, how is the home-wizard working out for your business? Looks interesting.

Stephen - This is not direct vent, but a conventional Rheem water heater. I do not know the Btu, but suspect I could get it from the model #.

OK, if vent is above top of window opening and terminates at least 12" diagonally away from outside corner of window; that would classify as 12" vertically.

Thanks Chris.