water heater exhaust

Should this water heater exhaust be so close to this window. It is 49inches away from it.

Had one last month just like it. Did some research and that application is fine. I think I saved the link but it is on my tablet and not available till late tonight.

It must be a Washington thing because it would have been called out in my area.

Just wondering, on what basis would you call it out? A direct vent water heater has specific venting requirements based on the Btu’s of the unit. Either more or less than 50k Btu. In either case, it is more than 12" away from the window.

Thanks Stephen

It looks like it is less than 18 inches from the corner.

So then those shingles would only be 3 inches each?


Where does the 18" come into play? Sidewall? I don’t think that bump out would be a sidewall due to the angle but that is just opinion.

49" is close but it meets the requirements of the IRC for mechanically vented appliances. Direct vent appliances are to be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. I have included the code articles for future reference

  1. where located next to walkways, the termination shall not be less than 7’ above the level of the walkway
  2. Vents shall terminate at least 3’ above any forced air inlet located within 10’
  3. Where located below an adjacent roof structure the termination point shall be located at least 3’ from the structure
  4. The vent system shall terminate at least 4’ below, 4’ horizontally from, or 1’ above any door, window or other gravity air inlet into the building
  5. The vent termination point shall not be located closer than 3’ to an interior corner formed by two walls perpendicular to each other
  6. The vent termination shall not be mounted directly above or within 3’ horizontally from an oil tank or gas meter
  7. The bottom of the vent termination shall be located at least 12" above finished grade