mini-golf website!

Hi all, Here is something for you to do between inspections or when you just need a break. Go to this website; (never mind what it is called), on the homepage scroll down and on the left you will see mini-putt golf, click on that and you can play 18 hole mini-golf! It does take some skill. My best score was 45 and I do not play on work time. have fun, and stop back with your score. (this post is also under the education heading!)

This appears to be spam to get people to click on his website and improve his stats.

Undoubtedly, and it works :wink:

Good one


No this is not spam. I have nothing to gain by you checking out this website. it’s just some clean honest fun if you want to play mini-golf. there’s not always a “catch” to everything! Have a nice day.