I had a company called BENCH CRAFT company that contacted me saying they work with local golf courses (which they named) and proceeded to tell me they needed a local home inspector to put on the score cards, etc. I asked where they got my name and they said they got it off of the InterNACHI website.
To make a long story short, they are scamming home inspectors. They are calling saying they need local home inspectors to put on golf score cards, benches, etc. maybe they won’t use the same story they tried to use with me.
Anyhow they will tell you they’ll do all this stuff for ONLY 395. The next day they’ll call and make the deal sweeter for a LOT MORE .
I looked them up on the BBB and I almost got sick. It was one complaint after another and it kept on going.
I looked up where I was on the list of inspectors and noticed I was on page 3 WHICH MEANS they most likely contacted some of you LONG before they reached me.
Hope I’ve helped someone on here.

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They’ve been attempting to engage me in conversation every week for years! F*ck 'em!!

Got a similar call, no thanks was my reply…

Get those all the time. Selling ad space… legitimate or not, never worth the cost. Go face to face with Realtors… meet for coffee… gain there confidence . You’ll get more work than any ad can generate.

Same BS as the brokerage file folder ads. Total waste of money!


I don’t do business with anyone who cold calls or spam mails me. Weeds all of these crap players out.

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As Chuck says!

Yep, they have tried calling me several times.