Minimum Flow?

What is generally considered the minimum flow (GPM) for residential properties? Trying to get a feel for what is adequate…

2 GPM?
3 GPM?
or as little as 1 GPM?

I am required by my state to report “functional flow”. I determine that by running the shower, sinks, and toilet simultaneously. If that seems “functional” then it’s OK by me. I take no measurements.

yes I understand functional flow and I perform the same… however I am looking for a practical threshold in this instance…


Anything less than 4 gpm will barely operate a house IMO. I like to see at least 5gpm. That’s what I had barely would operate more than 2 fixtures at a time. then I had a new well drilled 2 yrs. ago now I have 50+gpm. wish I would have re-drilled 15 yrs. ago.

50 GPM??? Wow… Gieser Status!

Must have a Tim Allen pump on there!

Same here just slightly different I connect my hose to the washing machine connection and adjust to about what a solenoid valve would allow through, open the kitchen sink faucet at a good rate. I require at least two other faucets within the home open and flowing and there still be proper volume at the shower head to receive a decent shower. We have tons of old galvanized iron pipe still in use in this area and I have to be very cautious had two last week that I called for lack of volume. I measure no pressure I am looking for volume.

50+gpm Is what the well will produce. For the extra $ I could drop a 2hp pump in & get all 50gpm. But if the pipes in the house ever broke I’d have to buy a canoe to get to the bedroom.