Minnesota Basement Foundation Repair/ Waterproofing

Out of curiosity, do any of you fine people know of any good companies assisting with basement waterproofing and surface drainage? It seems all the companies in our area are selling everyone on the interior drainage systems which i’m sure are great for high water tables, but … i don’t know how they actually HELP with surface water, other than encourage it to flow below the footings and undermine the soil its bearing on.

Additionally, if you have any resources I could send some of my clients, that would be great. Thanks!

Mark Anderson! You’re up. :joy:

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ha, I can’t wait!

Brandon, you sir are, on it, yep, most in this business are chumps, incompetent chumps selling homeowners a water diverting system, at best. They don’t bother to, care to, or know how to, identify/determine where the fkkg water is actually FIRST–entering these basements and of course, they don’t repair/waterproof the actual problems, can you say mold BEHIND their stupid bullshit usually white plastic or vinyl cheap-crap they often place against the inside of F walls.

It’s a scam, always been a scam and always will be a scam… one reason, THEY make more MONEY installing the INT systems , much less labor involved and much less in materials…yet, they still bid as much or more than what it really would cost for exterior waterproofing of the actual problems, they suck period. How’s that for being ‘professional’, somebody else bringing up that word, realllll professional to lie and cheat many homeowners outta many thousands,shhht.

HYDOSTATIC pressure huh, HIGH water table huh? pffttt. What, in the swamps in NJ maybe, in N Orleans maybe, how many have basements in the swamps n in N Orl, hmmm stupid fkkg shit

HERE, job we just did right near Lake St Clair and canals running up n down most of these streets.
Ya see water pooling and bubbling UP from the footing and drain tiles??? That’s is what several INT systems companies told this homeowner and told him he needed NEW DRAIN TILES inside duh basements costing MUCH more $$$,pffftt.

Here’s one reason, way water was first getting into hollow blocks…

where’s the water, the HYDROSTATIC pressure, the HIGH WATER TABLE? In their lying lil pea brains that’s where

hairline horizontal crack, yep, water entering through this lil bitch too

Mastic, visqueen etc

How about this…, an interior system knothead lied and cheated previous homeowner, installed an INT system and sump pump and wall anchors, HERE were some of the actual problems and some of the additional openings/problems THEY CAUSED that allowed water in

have done many jobs to houses right next to bodies of water, was supposed to be…according the ALL the INT system co’s and some others like realtors etc, a … HIGH WATER TABLE and homeowner supposedly needed new fkkkg drain tiles, pfttt, stupid shit… I ask, where THE fkkk is the high water table in videos, on all the jobs we did right on, along water? Whhhhhhhhhere??? lololll

I’m NOT saying NOBODY, no homeowners don’t have water building up, accumulating under their stupid floors, some do but they should be checking, trying to identify WHY water is accumulating under the damn floor, sheesh

Here we go, lol

Nice work, Mark. Keep up the good work, my friend.