Some hire a landscaping company $$ for their leaky basements? lol smh

All due respect to any landscaping Co but come on people, they are not experts on basement waterproofing! Sheesh man, the landscaping co and homeowner did NOT identify, determine the dang problem (s), WHERE, HOW is the water getting in? It is not because of a need to raise n slope the grade nor new window wells, smh!

Inside this basement, is there drywall, paneling up against the stupid basement wall or not?
If there is, then they can’t SEE the B wall, can’t see a possible crack or two etc in the wall that may be allowing the water in, they can’t see under the B windows where there may be water stains on the B wall up high (running down the wall behind drywall) which would tell yer dumb butt part or all of the problem are exterior openings around the B windows!

If there is no drywall etc against the wall, open your eyes n think! sheesh

And they could have run a water test w/a hose BEFORE doing the stupid grade $$ to help determine their actual problem aka, how/where the water is getting in. See, some think i’m b-tching just to bttch, no dufus, am trying to help the weak minded on this subject

2:35… she says, "hopefully’ what they are doing and money $ spent… HOPEFULLY? lolol Hopefully they won’t have anymore water in basement… no guarantee huh? lolol yeah same old, let’s spend $$$$ and hope n pray blllsht.

And how about the LENGTH of that downspout extension… and they suggested and got new gutters

lil trencher… no 4 x 8 sheets of plywood to help, ummm maybe not screw up the grass, okay whatever

In my honest opinion there was NO need for this crap, zero! The money this homeowner spent on landscaping co should have gone towards fixing the actual problem (s) and you NEED to determine, find the actual problems FIRST!!! smdh

Beginning of video she says, ‘We did an assessment here a couple months ago and when it rains really bad the customer was getting a lot of water in basement’. Again, assessment from a L’scp’g Co was NOT what was needed, obviously!

When ir rains ‘really bad’ AFTER they are done playing w/the grade etc, water will STILL get against that basement wall and so if there is a crack in wall etc then they will leak, again. — and if part or all of problem are the B windows then water will STILL hit those windows… see 20:28 mark in video, water will hit-soak the damn windows!!! lollll Too many do not know how to properly n honestly determine how-why basements actually leak and what the hlll to really do about it

Give Bubba 1 million of your dollars and allow my dumb az to buy some stocks for you with that million and umm, HOPEFULLY you’ll get a return, pffffft