basement waterproofing video and a LIL message for our inside system turd friends

1:30 is a lil message FER ya’s…

Eh, another homeowner who was ONLY getting water/seepage in one area so, duuuhhh, why BS homeowners and tell them they need to do more or, all the way around etc, morons.

NO interior basement system repairs/seals ANY exterior friggin opening!!
Hence, they will not STOP further water from where the freak its entering!

They lie, misrepresent homeowners actual problems in order to install the one dumb azz thing they do. Duh umm, my name is Mark Anderson and interior system companies suck

Might this homeowner get water in their basement somewhere else in the future?
Maybe, maybe not.

POINT is, at this moment in time and since this homeowner has owned this house, he has only leaked in this area. You can always do/waterproof more in the future IF need be, if they begin to leak somewhere else.

On the other hand, eh g dammmmtt, i’ll dig/waterproof from here to China if some homeowner wants it, needs it, no problem.

And don’t believe the lies, the bullshtt inside system companies and some others erroneously claim that exterior waterproofing is supposedly sooo costly and ruins everything in its path, blllshtt.
37 years of doing this PROVES it’s all bllllshttt baby.
Then add other exterior contractors and all their years with NO complaints such as Capizzo, J McEwen etc etc etc.

These interior basement system companies are very likely gong to charge homeowners as much or MORE so, don’t give me any more of those stinkin lies.

These inside system az wipes often tell homeowners other LIES such as, oh there’s a supposed hydrostatic pressure problem under the basement floor that only an interior system can fix… BLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL SHTTTTTTTTTTTT