Minnesota licensing

The state of Minnesota does not require Licensing, I have sent emails to people within the department of commerce suggesting licensing, and asking to be kept informed of any pending or proposed legislation to that effect…waiting for response Will keep any new info posted!

be careful what you ask for!


Why is that Carla? I think we should be licensed in every state, If you stop to think of the pros and cons of it I believe the pros far outway the cons. Granted some states have some real goofy demands, but to set us as professionals within our state and have some kind of guidelines and testing is huge for us. So that every Tom, Dick and Harry…excuse me Jane also…with little or no experience pertaining to homes other than that they live in one can’t just call themselves a home inspector, Licensing and testing is critical.
I have been a licensed contractor in Minnesota and feel that we should have to follow, if not the same guidelines as far as knowledge goes as a contractor, at least some close facsimile of it.
I know that home inspections in Minnesota are underpriced compared to alot of the states, and licensing would change that and would help to set a standard by which we call ourselves home inspectors.
Having jumped through the hoops in the past, I am willing to do it to set myself to the standards I feel are needed. I could go on and on about the pros and cons, and would really love to have an in depth conversation with you about this sometime as I always appreciate anyones opinions on things. Opinions are what makes the world go round and create change for better or worse. And you might be right on be careful what you wish for, Ive had that dog bite me before, but overall I think this is a change that is needed.

Here is something you might want to look at from the Minnesota House of Representatives.


Thank you very much for that Richard, I found bits and pieces of info, but that is the first complete compilation I have seen with an activation date on it, Great to know!