mis match Carrier split system

Is mis-matching heat pumps and air handlers allowed (allowed by Carrier)? I cannot seem to find any thing in black and white.

I had a 2 ton heat pump with a 2.5 ton rated air handler at todays inspection.

Thanks in advance!!!


Are you talking about heat pumps or a central air split system. Many times I have seen the air handler be .5 ton higher than the condenser unit. This does not pose a problem.

My state’s SOP dosen’t require me to report on system design and I don’t feel qualified to do so. So I don’t.

A 1/2 ton over and a 1/2 ton under is generally exceptable under most circumstances. As an old mech I tried to keep them matched. I would much prefer the A-coil larger than the condensing unit if I had to make a choice. Just my thoughts.

with carrier there is a device call an accurater that is a sized orifice that is selected based on the system, I have seen mismatched system where the wrong accurater has been installed. As a home inspector all you can do is make notes on what is observed and report. I agree with Charlie a .5 diff is not much of a problem and the inside section should be the larger of the two.

You must talk to the manufacturer.
Often when the client refuses to change the coil, the most appropriate unit is installed under the recommendation of the mfg.

If the unit is of different mfg. it is almost always grounds to void warranty.