Split system

Inspection today had different Manufacturers for the AC compressor and air handler components. Was a 2006 Air handler, 2011 Compressor, 3 ton with an 18 d differential.

This house had recently been inspected, Buyers bailed. Realtor said one item mentioned in that inspection report was the AC was defective because of the mis-matched (Mfg) AC components, suggested to replace.

Mfg’s should not be an issue as long as the system sizes matches up, correct ???

Buyers remorse, not the AC Unit.

Efficiencies have to match.

As the condensing unit was changed in 2011, the minimum is 13 seer for each component.

Now, in the real world, it probably won’t matter.


Besides most manufacturers market equipment under different brands out of the same facility.

Goodman = Janitrol, Amana
Carrier = I.C.P. Bryant, Payne, Linde, Noresco,
Rheem = Rudd,

Provided the seer rating of the newer machine is not less than the existing equipment no worries

I ran into a CAC/BDP yesterday and turned out to be a combination Carrier/Bryant…go figure. Harder to keep up with these things now a days…


Well from the feedback, obviously far from a defect, as I suspected in the first place…
Tx Guys…

That is a “yes or no” type thing.

In the real world, it is done all the time.

In the inspection world:
Mis-matched units and an installation date of 2011 indicates no permit was pulled or inspections done. The ramification is, in the event the Client has an issue, say in the first six months, an a/c salesman comes out and says, “This is a mis-matched system and the air handler does not have the same energy rating as the condensing unit. The air handler requires replacement in order to comply with the local building code. YOUR INSPECTOR SHOULD HAVE WRITTEN THIS UP.”

Although the system was probably fine, you may want to make a note of it and alert your client as to what may happen. If they accept it and the above scenario occurs, you warned them.

Thanks Eric ! Mis-matches are quite common here, so
a little CYA advice / narrative for this is always welcome…

Within a half of ton.

Efficiency, not capacity.