Mismatched System

I saw a 2 ton goodman condenser unit paired with a 3.5 ton intertherm air handler unit. The goodman was manufactured in 2008 and is a straight cool. The Air Handler was manufactured in 2005 and is an electric furnace. The house is 1566 living area. The size differential seems to be a problem but the 2 ton cooling capcity seems acceptable, but I am looking for advice on how to word this in my report. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Is the coil 3.5 tons? If it is it is probably not matched with the condenser. Ask the manufacturer if they match. I would report what you find and refer it to a licensed HVAC contractor.

I would also never comment on the acceptability of the size with reference to the house without doing an approved load calculation. I think commenting on the size of the A/C unit could lead to legal difficulty at a later date if challenged about your conclusions.