Missed it by that much

Spotted this driving down the street, made me laugh, then I thought if I was inspection that home would I call it out and would it be a defect? Look carefully above the dish see the three mounting brackets where they kept mounting and moving it down until it was just right. sorry for the small pic taken with the cell phone

pic is too small to see what you are talking about…sorry :frowning:

Waht’s your area? Heavy snow? Torrential rain? Either would cauuse problems. It would sure void any roofer’s warranty.

Think it looks as if a 2X4 is bracing it or something. Is a small picture.

If you look real close you can see 3 brackets just above the dish where it had been mounted then moved down until they found just the right spot… They just left the brackets. Sorry for the small pic it was taken with the cell phone from the street

May be it was three differant services.

Penetrations near the base of a valley, that’s all I see. Bad idea, but not rare.