Dish Satellite installation

Does someone have a picture for comparison of a properly installed satellite dish. I pretty sure there should be a black pad under the plate the bolts go through. It looks like the installer just caulked the screws going into the roof. I couldn’t get closer due to the snow.

It appears to be mounted just over the soffit.
Why you would think this is such a big deal.


If it leaks the roof sheathing can rot, etc…It could be written up as a continued maintenance issue…keeping it sealed, as needed, to prevent water entry and damage.

I agree with Larry. I always inspect to see if there I sealant around the bolts which you should see rubberized black coating around the mounting base and the bolts. I also recommend annual maintenance on these as we live in Florida with hugh amounts of UV sunlight and summer rainstorms.

Here’s another method that I rarely see:



It’s not a big deal, yet. But moisture intrusion can become one. The sheathing is OSB and will rot if those bolts are not properly installed through the black rub padding. That weight and we have higher wind in my area will pull that dish out of the roof if the OSB rots. It’s a minor issue that can easily be corrected. But it should be addressed.

That’s how I usually do, I’m working with home gauge and working on a candid comment. The clients seem to really like the comparison photo’s I put in there. So I have them drop in with the comment automatically. I just wasn’t satisfied with the one’s I have. So I’m looking for a good one illustrating proper installation. Thanks for the idea, I’m going to ask them to create a graphic of what one should look like.

Hey, I emailed NACHI and they asked if I can provide a picture of a proper installation they can create a graphic of it. Anyone have a installation PDF or picture I can provide Nick to go from?

Rarely??? How about never… :wink:

I have never seen a rubber pad under it either just silicone under the plate and under and top of bolts. Sometimes not even that.

lol, ok, rarely, your going to turn on my OCD and I’ll start tracking it on homes inspected. I’ll get those two pictures to Nick and I’ll keep looking for the rubber pad as well.

Never seen the black box installed on any house in MN. Its rarely done I guess. They caulk the heads of the bolts and move on. I wouldn’t call it out. Just my opinion.

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Due to the roof leak concerns, it is always best to mount these things on the wall or a pole.