Missing items on inspection report

I’m a GC & CPI…

I was hired to fix the punch list of the sellers home after an inspection.
I noticed separation between floor tile and base tile that were not on the inspection during my repair work.
I think there are issues with slab settlement. (uneven slab & cracked tiles).
These issues were NOT documented on the inspection.
Instead- at other location it was just noted (with images) “grout issues and cracked tiles” “repair/ fix”.

I think the inspector missed an important item.
I was NOT there as CPI. I was there as a GC working the list.

I’m concerned that the issues will come back to bite the inspector and the new home owner.

Who else has been in this situation and how have you handled it?

First welcome to our forum, Steve!

Second, I would simply do what I was hired to do and that is all.

No reason to get involved and get myself all gummed up into THEIR potential mess. JMHO…YMMV


Thank you for the welcome and reply. It makes sense. as a new inspector I want to do what is “right” for the industry, inspector and buyer.

You’re welcome, Steve. :smile:

Larry gave great advice. If it were me I would do exactly as he said.


not Your circus, not Your Monkeys…fix what You agreed to and move on…


Then you deserve what you get…Yep!

It was a different inspector, Roy. :smile: