Missing knockout bushing for ground

Ran into this today. This knockout bushing is missing here but the only thing coming thru is a copper ground. My instinct is to say this is ok. Am I out of line? Do you need a bushing just for the ground?


There are typically small ko’s (about 1/4") for the entrance of a GEC into the panel enclosure. IMO when using a 1/2" KO the proper fitting should be used.

Agreed, ground should run through a 1/4" hole, other holes that do not have proper bushings or knockouts installed allow a path for vermin to enter panel and do damage.

Besides the Kenny clamp, what fitting is listed for that use? I know NM clamps are commonly used, but are not listed for the #6 or #4.

The Kenney clamp is the only listed fitting that I know of. I used two screw NM connector for years even though it’s not listed for a single conductor. Now we use the Kenney clamp or some generic version of it.

Thanks Robert. I had never heard of another option to the NM or the Kenny.

Oh no its a major defect. Everyone panic!!