Missing neutral and ground legs of circuits

Hi all,

I just want to confirm what the rule is on this. In a sub panel, only the hots from each circuit are in the panel.

From what I remember all legs of a circuit must terminate in the same panel (and not an adjacent panel)

See photo below

First, there are no neutral conductors on 240 VAC circuits.

Second, your are not showing us the Ground.

It technically violates 300.3(B), however electrically it probably would never be a problem because everything is run in one raceway. This would be similar to a two-wire SP switch circuit where the magnetic fields cancel each other out in the same raceway or cable.

I don’t see any 240 volt circuits in that panel.

Ok, yes. Now that the sun went down, I can see that.

Retract comment.

Wrong! Write it up. we can’t really see anything here, so call it.