Sub Panel

Am I right to be concerned with this sub-panel? Seems to me that the grounded conductors and equipment grounds are connected to the same terminal bar. Any Comments?:slight_smile:



Grounds and neutrals must be separated in sub panels.

As John said. The EGC at neutral bar needs to be removed and bonded to panel.

Although not required the panel should have it separate ground bus to eliminate the multiple EGC under the same lugs at the bottom. Also the neutral in the panel feeder needs to be changed to a white or gray conductor.

Thanks guys!

You are correct, your concern is valid IMO. The ground wire should not be terminated to the neutral buss bar. In addition to that Im not sure about the loads, but from the looks of it the feeder conductors are the same size if not smaller than an outgoing circuit with 3 other large circuits already present in the panel. Also the lugs at the bottom may not be listed for multiple ground wires.

Why is that ground wire on the 240V circuit cut off?

The whole thing is a travesty of electrical work.
Defer, defer, defer…
“Visual inspection of the subpanel revealed multiple defects, suggesting that the installation or modifications may have been done by a person unqualified to perform electrical work.
Recommend that the panel be evaluated by a licensed electrician.”