Missing Ridge Blocks - ?

Home is missing ridge blocks from entire ridge/run.

Home was built 1992. Truss construction. Any situation where this is permissable?

No code books I have reference back to 1992


Could not enlarge picture to see what you are refering to

I’m not sure what you mean by “ridge blocks”…

For what appear to be relatively small trusses, installation 24" oc with sheathing on top and some lacing about 10’ oc perpendicular to the bottom cord should suffice. No framing along the ridge is needed, typically.

Posted new pic… sorry bout that.

Thanks for the reply, specifically the blocking at the top of the trusses ie. the rigde. There just isn’t any.

There doesn’t need to be any…typically.

Jim, if you are referring to blocking at the peak for plywood support, you do not need any.

There is lack of a ridge vent that I can see though which was common for that age.

Hope this helps.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi Jim, what is happening to the left of the picture? Is that the start of a hip roof?


Yes, a hip. Haven’t seen any houses of this type without ridge blocks.

What was more curious is I inspected the house down the street of the same age sometime back that had 'em.

Thanks for help.


The blocks, guessing what you mean, are put in place when the trusses are lifted. They are there to hold proper spacing till the sheathing is on. They are typically made from scrap lumber, and don’t seem to be structural.


Thanks for the responses. In my neck of the woods, they are required now in 2x material or better for perimeter nailing.