Missing ridge boards/studs?

I inspected a new construction today in a highly busy subdivision. In older homes I know ridge beams or boards are present or installed. In this newer built some of the studs on the ridge are missing, is this proper or is it actually missing the studs along the ridge?

Those are roof trusses and don’t need a ridge and those 2x4’s were probably used for spreaders at time of the installation. If that is an open ridge vent they should have been removed for the ventilation to work properly. If it is not open it doesn’t hurt any that they remain.


Exactly what Marcel said…they are not needed to remain.


just what Larry said…

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Exactly, no need for any type of stud at the ridge when using roof trusses.

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Like many have already said, those are temporary spacers used to keep the factory-built trusses spaced properly until the roof sheathing is installed. Without them, it sure would be tricky to install the roof sheathing.

Here is a video of some carpenters installing removable spacers while installing roof trusses.

I’ve also seen many older houses with no ridge board and rafter construction (and they’re still standing after 100+ years!). It always makes me wonder how they built them… did they have people hold each set while the deck was being attached? It seems it would have been easier to just install a board to hold them all together… like maybe a ridge board!!! LOL.

Ridge boards are used on framed roofs. Trusses are self supporting.

Thanks everyone for the help, I guess it makes sense once you understand the technique

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Boning up on different roof framing types would be beneficial