Missing Section Of Footer. Has anyone encountered this before?

These are photos from an Inspection yesterday. It is a brick facade ranch built in 1994 on the side of a large hill / small mountain in Northeast Ohio. Half of the foundation is basement and half is crawlspace. what has me perplexed is the connection from the crawlspace to the basement. There is a 3’ section of footer missing and just above is what appears to some sort of CMU Header? There is a trench that has been excavated as if pipes were to be run through but no pipes are in it. One side has been recently waterproofed and you can see the back side of the dimple mat. the other side just has dirt spilling in. I got the obvious issues of the exposed soil, open trench and lack of vapor barrier.

The only thing I can think of for the missing footer and header is that maybe they were bridging over non virgin earth that had been excavated for the basement and associated footer tile. I am hoping someone else has encountered and understands this.

That is no problem, Arthur.

It is using the lintel block to span the disturbed soil is all. We mostly see it from house basement to garage footing/ or crawlspace, like you mentioned, around here. :smile:

Edit: I see the crawl footing is undermined a little and that may be worth a comment to secure footing to maintain structural integrity of the footing,

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Intentional to span that opening with a precast header footing to footing. I see no problem either.

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Thanks Larry, I would like to recommend they infill the trench with #57 but I am not sure if that is out of my swim lane as a home inspector.

Thanks Marcel. I just stumbled on another thread regarding this where you provided a link to some info on CMU Lintels. Really helpful.

Lintel??? Bond Beam???


That is exactly what they used. :smile: