Missing something here?

Looked at house today, furnace was vented out side with exhaust. But there was no intake as you can see. It is drawing air in as it almost sucked my dollar in there. I can’t believe a HVAC person would do this if it wasn’t ok, help me out here. thanks, Mark T
It’s a 2005 Goodman furnace


Hi Mark
This system is acceptable. What you have is a high effficency furnace that is what is called a two pipe system. The installer has the option of connecting the second, intake pipe to the outdoors or to leave it as you see it in your pic. The advantage of connecting it to the outside is that the air for combustion is not taking heated air from the home. Connecting to the outside is the better choice but the way it is installed is OK but in most cases you will see a screen to prevent larger objects from entering the the combustion exhaust blower.

Hope this helps

It helps mucho grande!!! I really appreciate the way you guys respond to questions. I’m learning more everyday ( of course I’m forgetting more everyday also ) :slight_smile:

There is an air intake pipe (black insulated) visible between the furnace and water heater; it provides combustion air for both appliances.

It needs a screen.
It also needs good makeup air around it.

Best practice is to draw from near the exhaust due to pressure differentials however.

If that is a utility closet ,rule of thumb is 1sq inch opening per 1000 BTU’s.This would mean total including that HWH next to it.

Just to be clear I was referring to vent opening like on a closet door and it should have two openings to stimulate circulation. (near the floor and at the ceiling area or top of door frame).

Nope…that is wrong.

The system needs at least an elbow in the air intake. I would also make sure that there is a fresh air vent in that room.